Private Lessons

The Mattapoisett Community Sailing Association Inc. (MCSA) is accepting applications for participation in its Private Lesson Program. This Program is designed to teach basic sailing, nomenclature, and safety rules to beginner sailors with little or no sailing experience or for sailors who need to build confidence in their sailing ability.

Program Tuition

The fee for the Private Sailing Lessons Program is $50 per hour for the first person and $15.00 for each additional person, limit three to a boat. Please make your check payable to MCSA and submit the same with this completed application to MCSA at the above address. No Refunds.

Program Times

Lessons to take place on evenings as agreed upon between instructor and students.


Enrollment is open to all MCSA members as well as Year-Round & Summer Residents of the Towns of Marion, Mattapoisett & Rochester.

Equipment & Gear

MCSA shall conduct its Private Sailing Lessons Program using keeled sailboats which provide a stable sailing platform in most conditions. However, students may be exposed to spray and wet conditions. Students should supply their own lifejackets, however a limited number of lifejackets will be available. Students must understand that summer evening sailing conditions can be cool. It is therefore recommended that students dress appropriately and bring suitable foul weather gear or other water resistant clothing based upon the conditions.

Download Private Lessons Form